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2017_10 Verbier, Switzerland

When I was checking my email at the airport this morning, I received an email from my teammate from Nagano saying that yesterday's miso soup was made with freshly harvested natural nameko. It was 6 a.m. on the tenth day of my stay when I felt a slight sense of murderous intent.

I can't help but feel like he's working hard just because he loves France, but if he could come to France once a year, he'd import helmets or mushrooms.
Fly from Paris to Geneva and take the train to Verbier.

There are places I visit that call out to me for various reasons. I went to the head office of FACTION, a proud European freeski brand, where a colleague from my time at NORRØNA had moved. He said he wanted to discuss various things in Japan, so I said, ``Hoihoi.''

Although I'm not running the brand (it wasn't that big), my friends are now running the brand successfully. We had a lot of conversations and discussed a lot of ideas, and I think we were able to create an opportunity to create the present together. I believe that even if it doesn't lead to my work right away, traveling will lead me to the next answer.

Unexpectedly, the first snow of the year was in Switzerland.