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2017_09 Trysil, Norway

A birthplace of sweet. They still design all products here.

Sweet Protection was founded in Trysil, a small village with a population of 2,800 people.

Sweet Protection was started in 2000 by three young people who love to play.

Still based here, the founders still design everything, test it themselves, and send it out into the world with their own hands.

“With heart, talent and attitude we create the best equipment possible.”
“Creating the best products imaginable through love, talent, and enthusiasm.”

Sweet Protection dates back to 1988, when founder Ståle N. Møller wrote these words on a piece of paper at design school.

In the mid-1990s, he began making his own clothing and backpacks for his expeditions. Stolle's innovative approach and fresh design were breathtaking. Everyone wanted it.

In 1999, Stolle gained confidence and decided to start a new company with a friend. Providing the best products made with the latest high-tech materials for action sports enthusiasts. To create the basics for playing in nature more happily, freely, and safely.

Sweet Protection was founded in 2000. Within a few years of its founding, it quickly transitioned from a local garage brand to an international scene. In 2003, Sweet exhibited for the first time at ISPO, an international exhibition of outdoor sports, and won both the Newcomer Award and the highest award, the ISPO Award. All of the sweet products unveiled were handmade for adventures in the mountains with friends, and were inspired by the ideas of her youth.

Sweet still remembers the passion he felt when he and his friends started the business. Even today, Sweet hasn't left Turisil and hasn't forgotten the style of growing up while having fun with his friends. Harmony of feel and function, design and style. The handwritten words written on paper at that time became the core of the unique brand identity and became the brand philosophy of Sweet Protection, which continues to this day.

Traveling with them doesn't seem so bad.