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2017_09 Awashima Island, Japan - 2

Preparing dinner. The commercial-grade paella pan, which was purchased in Kappabashi and has a capacity of 15 servings, has already been used as joint equipment for the association for 10 years.

It's unacceptably heavy considering it's for business use.
However, it's incredibly delicious considering it's for business use.

This is Niigata. You have to decide whether it's male or female. I don't remember whether it was difficult for me to choose A or B, or whether I lost the rationale for choosing A or B.

On the last day, a sudden big storm hit the island.
From the paddling of heaven to the tempest of hell.

An announcement was made on the island that all scheduled flights for today would be cancelled. Tomorrow we all have to work in Tokyo, but there's nothing we can do about it.

"It's too bad I can't go home."
“Anyway, I’m worried about Kaisha.”

“Calm and level-headed judgment is required.”
"That's right, let's eat our fill first and take our time thinking about countermeasures."

“Gathering information is essential.”
"Let's get information from the people of the island at the guest house"

“What strategy should I use to avoid risk?”
"Hmm. That's the difficult problem."

next morning.
"You drank too much."
“Oh no, not at all.”

“Wasn’t it Caixa today?”
“There is something more important than that.”