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2017_09 Awashima Island, Japan - 1

I feel like going on a trip to take a breather after a long trip. An annual paddling camping tour with my usual friends. This year it's Awashima, Niigata.

A friend who loves the outdoors and hates sleeping in the car. I wonder if it's okay to camp out at a convenience store. It's lying around, but I guess it'll be okay in the morning.

I carry everything on my back, including kayaks, tents, alcohol, and food. There is a rule that says you can carry everything you can carry on your back, and those who cannot carry it on their backs are not allowed to drink.

This is what I like most no matter what.

The preparations for departure with my friend, who is an experienced traveler, were very thorough and heart-warming.

The clarity of the Sea of ​​Japan in autumn is irreplaceable. The calm sea is shining.

As always, I just kept rowing.

We landed in a cove on the other side of the island. This is your accommodation for today.

All the coves are breathtakingly beautiful. I can see the squid swimming around.

I, the chairman, declared this before leaving. "The only food we have is rice and soy sauce. Everything depends on the results of our fishing." The members' daily training will be put to the test.

"President! It's hard to catch anything!"
"What! So noisy! Don't complain, if you can't catch anything, dive!"

The sun is setting right in front of your eyes. It's a heavenly campsite.