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2017_05 Sierra Nevada, USA - 3

Traveling around the vast land of the American West. National parks, mountains, deserts, shops. And roadside motels and end-of-the-way bars.

This is what I thought while driving 1800 miles and taking a detour.

I think this country's strength lies in the fact that the locations of these films, which are completely different in content and direction, such as road movies drawn by Germans and Hollywood celebrating American history, are located within a short distance of each other in the Mojave Desert.

Like Chuck Yeager's sonic flight and the motel cafes of Route 66, this country is full of ambivalence, yet both coexist in strange, powerful ways.

The macho Dodge Ram pickup and the executive Tesla, the super junk fast food storm and Alice's Chez Panisse, the mainstream Bass Pro Shop and the counterculture Patagonia.

All of this is distinctly American, and the combination of this country's great vulgarity and its historical fascination with always searching for frontiers and counterpoints is a combination of skipping the highways and staying in motels. It was something that could only be seen by doing it. Don't just talk about NY and LA.

The fact that both things that compete with each other are American means that everything in this country is counter-oriented in the first place. McDonald's and Macintosh.

Either way, driving in America was so relaxing that I ended up thinking about it. I wonder how long 1800 miles is in Japan.