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2017_05 Izu, Japan

I'm happy to have a friend who invited me to take a trip to Yokohama, where I live, for the only three consecutive days in May, and said, ``You must be tired, so let's go on a trip to take a breather.''

A fellow kayaker got a new boat. The launching ceremony should be held solemnly, and the sacred sake should be drunk by friends, so we headed to Minami Izu.

Even in Minami Izu, which is crowded with beachgoers, there are many good things to do if you have a kayak and stare at a map.

Considering the tide, isn't the back of Cape Atchi the best spot? When I tried to go around, I found out that it was an imperial mansion. Be careful, as the police will come running right away.

The second day was cloudy, but the waves were calm, and I set out to find a secret cove that I had been eyeing on the map, a secret cove that couldn't be accessed from the road.

I finally made it to the deserted beach that I had been dreaming of for two years. A senior colleague of mine named Urushiyama-san was saying, ``I want to go there!'', so I named it Urushihama.

The 25-year-old Feather Craft is still in use. It's really amazing that it's still usable even after so much time.

It was a nice relaxing trip. This will give you more energy for your long journey starting tomorrow.