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2017_05-09 Sweet Protection Trunk Show

I went to America and Europe, and when I came back, I went to the mountains and the sea in Japan, and in between, I was traveling.

For about three months starting in June, 15 pro shops across Japan will be holding the round tour "sweet protection trunk show 2017", a pre-order sales exhibition for Sweet Protection, which is about to begin its full-scale rollout in Japan.

It is held every weekend in a town or field somewhere in Japan in collaboration with a retailer. The company imported pre-order products from Norway and started with a limited import sales system for pre-orders.

On the other hand, if you don't go there and take this opportunity to make a reservation, you won't be able to get much. Unfortunately, you can't buy it with one click. This is because, in this day and age, I thought it was a product that would be worth the extra effort.

OSAKA - This store has helped me grow the brands I import. After making the first pre-order in Japan, we had a takoyaki party with the customers at the store. Since it was a direct flight from California, the drop was so great that it made me dizzy, but it's still the same west.

Kyoto - I'm most grateful for this kind of face-to-face community in the beginning. Because we don't have huge capital or flashy exposure, I wanted to believe in the power of specialty stores like this and the underlying power of grassroots dissemination.

Jiyugaoka, Tokyo - At the Tokyo venue, I had fun with a silly plan to have a serious competition with staff members I knew over the past two days to see who could get the most pre-orders for helmets. I was in Tokyo for the weekend and it was the first time in 40 days that I was able to go home.

Nagano: In between trips, I asked an old friend of Iiyama to help me. Since I sell things that my friends use to play in the mountains and rivers, I'd rather run an outdoor business by creating a new shared work model with friends in rural areas near playgrounds than paying ridiculous office rent in the city. I still think I can do it. Although we didn't have a head office yet, the Nagano branch was built first.

Hakuba - In Hakuba, my old club happily supported me. From the preliminary consultation, Eguchi-kun said, ``We can't take many orders, but we can introduce people who are seriously playing in Hakuba.'' That's enough. That's good.

Sapporo - A sweet heavy user friend visited me during a trip to Hokkaido. It was a great encouragement to see people like this happy.

My friends always held drinking parties for me in Sapporo.

When I was talking to PEAK's Taiki-kun, saying, ``Maybe he's a young, lazy guy who loves skiing,'' Taka appeared.

``I'd like to quit my current job, work part-time manual labor in Sapporo, and go to Jackson Hole in the winter.''
"Hey, wait a minute. Jackson Hole won't run away. So first come with me and earn money for the trip!"

That's how I decided on my first companion, and my journey with him began.
Morioka: A customer I was meeting for the first time brought a 10-year-old helmet. ``Up until now, I had no choice but to buy the product without actually seeing it, and I had been using it without a warranty.I'm so happy to think that from now on, I'll be able to consult with you about maintenance...'' I felt so relieved. Summer heat Sanimo Makezu Lunchtime beer temptation Nemo Makezu Yokumiki Kishite Wakari Soshitewasurezu.

Hakuba - During the exhibition, I heard that there was a mountain bike event, so I went straight back to Hakuba from Morioka. In the first place, Kocchi learned what the products actually were, which ones were good, and how to sell them in an interesting way, while talking with his friends and listening to the opinions of his close customers. While basking in the sun, playing and relaxing.

At Niigata West, the entrance will be occupied and the first full lineup exhibition will be held. He has been a partner in crime for ten years with his ally, Mr. Matsuzawa.

We unexpectedly received a lot of pre-orders, so we all got very happy and had a celebration party. At times like this, you shouldn't go home yet.

Niigata Prefecture won't let me go home at all. I received a nice invitation from the professional seniors who have been working with me, saying, ``Get off at Yuzawa and I'll see what it's like!'' At a time like this, you shouldn't go home yet. I happily dragged the cart around and got off the train. We hadn't gotten around to promoting it yet, but even though everyone had their own activities and brands to support, they all came together and listened to us just by talking about it. Now everyone wears Sweet Protection.

Hiroshima: Attendance at a famous ski restaurant with a hot duo. I want to continue to eat this exquisite okonomiyaki across the street, and I really wanted to resume working with this restaurant. I can eat twice a day and once at night. Hiroshima in July has always been my annual event.

Nozawa - I was in Hokushin all the time during Obon and there was an exhibition. In the first place, I was alone, so I worked on my computer everywhere. Comfortable Nagano branch office. Close access within 3 seconds walk from kayak. Around this time, I reached a point where I realized, ``I can work anywhere.''

Nagoya - Full lineup show at a famous restaurant in Nagoya. After spending time at a bar with everyone from the Nakagyo area, we didn't have enough to talk about, so we stayed in the bar until midnight. Customers are now able to put bottles in their stores.

Tama, Tokyo - The location of Final Order in Tokyo was given to me by a friend who is also a business partner and a friend in the mountains. A friend from the mountains came to make a reservation. Looks like a match pump.

Akita - I went directly from Oslo to London, Haneda, and Akita. The earth is large. I might be more in the sky than at home.

Sapporo - In-store event after closing after in-store event. The latter one gets a little more exciting.

Nagoya - Mr. Moose forgets the key to the shutter in the store where his luggage is left, and everyone goes out drinking, and he uses all his wits to act like a gang of gang thieves, trying to find something in the middle of the night. Salespeople from top outdoor brands. Of course, there was no way it would open (now that I think about it, it makes sense), but it's a famous store that not only has a wide selection of products, but also has a perfect security system.

Take your keys with you when you go out drinking.
More important than any branding strategy.

Sweet Protection started in Japan.