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2017_05 Sweet Protection Sales Trip

From the FW17-18 season, I will be working as the Japanese sales agent for Sweet Protection, a Scandinavian brand.

A sample arrived from Norway. This is the first sample I bought with my own money. Spread it out, check it out one by one, try it out, and come up with a story. Think about the person you will be communicating with.

Since I was running it alone, I decided to become a wandering traveler this month. This month, I took 12 flights and stayed home for 10 nights.

After hearing that he was skiing and kayaking, I decided on my own that this person would be the one to show off for the first time. I'm going to do it in a peddler-style way, where I make phone calls to all the places I can think of on the spot, and I get to stay at the mountain hut next to my house every time, just by building connections. @Toyama Tyrol

After visiting the owner of Mt. Tsurugi Tateyama, we next visited the owner of Mt. Kaga Hakusan. An authentic store with roots in each region where famous peaks are located. I want to stay close to a store like that. Because that's what you use there. And that's where I want to play. @Kanazawa Kaizan

Continue on to Nagano. While admiring the snowy mountains in spring, I started by asking the pro shops for their opinions. Rather than just buying and selling, it's fun to talk about what we should do about the mountains together. It's already spring in the village. I've been seeing cherry blossoms since the end of March. @HakubaFullmarks

Since I'm on a nationwide pilgrimage, I'm visiting friends in the area, and I'm relying on the kindness of one lodging and one meal the whole time. I began to understand the feelings of the mendicant priest. The day of enlightenment is near. Yesterday I went camping on the banks of the Azusa River with a friend from Matsumoto. When I came from far away, they generously treated me with luxury goods such as a cot, so asking for a roof is a luxurious nuisance.

Today at a friend's house in Iiyama, I'm playing Kamen Rider Ex-Aid more seriously than during the daytime. If you do this with all your might, your current worries and future worries will disappear. really.

Since I carry around a lot of helmets, a friend of the brand sent me a carrying case. @YokkaichiModerate

I have been nurturing myself ever since I started this job. In Nagoya, this is the only partner we need to be the first to start a new project. I was so excited about the story until it closed that I forgot to take a photo of the store. @NagoyaMoose

In Osaka Kyoto, there were no photos of the restaurant, only photos of the delicious meat. @Osaka North Bound

It's already early summer in Hiroshima. Are the Carp girls fully prepared for foul balls? Are you interested in the world's best carbon helmet? @Hiroshima Piste

Flowing and flowing towards the north. I also want to visit Hachimantai, so Morioka is a must. I sometimes receive souvenirs from places I visit. It has already reached the level of Enku or Masumi Sugae. In return, I hope I can dig up a Buddhist statue or leave behind at least a piece of a painting. @Morioka Narrows

I also want to play with Akita pieces, so I can't leave out Akita. I will be coming back for the trunk show starting next month. @Akita Narrows

Bullet Business Trip 1st stage final is Hokkaido. When I was a child living in Sapporo, my father, who loved mountains, would often take me there, saying, ``You could spend half a day just looking at this store.'' Is it in some sense a form of filial piety that they care enough to spend half a day there? @Sapporo Shugakuso

My co-workers, who have been with me in the field for nearly ten years, not only help me with my new challenges, but also provide everything from transportation to drinks at night. Green onions are criminally delicious, aren't they? It's worth coming on a business trip just to eat this much. @Sapporoupland

Everywhere I went on this journey, everyone supported me and said, ``If you can do it, then you can do it.'' Thanks to them, we are who we are today. This is a gift that I will never forget no matter how many years pass. Should I bring Nani to them next? I travel the world just for the fun of it.

Starting from the end of next month, I will be holding sweet protection trunk shows at specialty stores across the country every weekend for three months.
I'm a wandering peddler and entertainer who sells small items at a store every weekend. It's a trip again. Let's also climb a mountain. I have to plan.