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2017_02 Stockholm, Sweden

Go straight to Northern Europe. Stockholm is the city that gave me the opportunity to start working outdoors .

It was design week, so today I studied to broaden my horizons. One of the privileges of traveling alone is that you can freely decide your schedule according to your interests.

I think there are more elements of Japan's outdoors that can be incorporated into all designs. In particular, Scandinavia often feels an affinity with Japan's mountain-related ideas .

It's time to stop arguing about the superiority and inferiority of materials and shapes that are the same no matter which way you look at them, and stop being drawn to the value of poop and logos with an emphasis on foreign products. It's time to break away from a world where we are satisfied only with the beauty produced by function. sea ​​bream .

Function is beauty, but from the beginning beauty is beauty.
I wish that playing freely in the mountains itself was beautiful .

What is beauty? I spent a day walking around thinking about what I wanted to say .

It has been a long time since I've last come.
Some changed, but the atmosphere is the same.