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2017_02 Hemsedal, Norway - 1

My second home town, Norway. Since I started it myself, I decided that whenever I went to an exhibition, I would always go to the mountains.

A friend was waiting for me in Norway. Two weeks ago I was in Hokkaido, last week I was in Germany, and this week I was in Norway, three weeks in a row. ``Just bring a change of clothes and boots. I have a board.'' It's so helpful to have friends around the world like that.

As I continued to visit Oslo, I found myself not needing a place to stay in Oslo. ``I hope you will think of this as your home in Oslo.'' His hobby is entertaining friends from far away by cooking. Having friends like that around the world is, to say the least, very helpful.

4 hours by car. Head to Hemsedal, Norway's proud ski resort. Vast landscapes make you lose perspective.

His family's cabin. Many Norwegians' dream is to have their own hut in the mountains.

Fireplace and candles. A mountain of silence. The only sound is the crackling of firewood. A blissful time.

It would be nice to have a company that has this kind of core as its corporate motto.

The Norwegian version of KitKat is always sold at kiosks and supermarkets. In English, it means “Quick Lunch”. It's great not only as an active meal, but also as a souvenir. It looks kind of delicious, doesn't it? The taste is, well, the same.

Norway in February, where the temperature never exceeds -10℃ even during the day. The sun doesn't rise until 10 o'clock and it gets dark at 2 p.m. The best time to ski in Norway is from spring to early summer.

To the ski resort of Hemsedal. Norway's population is 5.4 million. It has a land area roughly the same size as all of Japan, and a population roughly the same as Hokkaido. And all 5.4 million people ski. That's why it will sell.

The ski resort is so vast that you can just ski down the entire mountain. There are no fences, no nets. There are no unnecessary signboards. J POP isn't playing either. Why is mysterious music playing at ski resorts in Japan?

Majestic mountain views from the top. You could call it a ski's just a mountain.

With friends of the brand that will start soon. It's easier to get things across when you talk here than when you meet in the office. Tomorrow we will all go to the mountains.