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2017_02 Munich, Germany

Two weeks after my trip to Hokkaido, I flew to Munich. A trip to ISPO, the world's largest sports exhibition. I used to come to the exhibition many times every year, but when I came to it independently and from a different perspective, I came across it from a completely different perspective, and it was refreshing for me as well .

Just walk around, meet as many people as possible, introduce yourself to them, be introduced to them, and try to express your thoughts in your own words .

All the people I've worked with have warmly welcomed me, supported me in my challenges, and connected me to new encounters, saying, ``This is a great guy!''

Weissbier was grateful for the many connections and opportunities that had been built up through the years, saying, ``Ah, I've been given a good job.'' Every day I drank more cups than necessary .

If this is my property, I'll admit it honestly .

In this way, let's bring back new things that were born from the time we spent together in the mountains and drinking.

Above all, what I would like to convey most strongly to everyone on this journey is that udon is a Japanese food.

Although Munich is grateful for everything, I would like to strongly protest against this. I also regret the taste, and I am deeply ashamed of myself for having gotten into this out of curiosity.