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Good evening, I'm Machiko, a new employee who has been working at Sputnik for three and a half months. I don't know much about the outdoors or skiing, but I love traveling freely and playing in nature.
The other day, I went to Mt. Yatsugatake for training and interviews for new employees, so I would like to keep a record of my trip. We ate a lot, drank a lot, and laughed a lot. I don't remember it very clearly, so I'll mainly use the photo.

Day 1: Karasawa Kosen ~ Kuroyuri Hutte

The backs of the seniors who played seriously were a big help. We tied up Pinepaw tightly and started climbing.

The fluffy moss was so beautiful.
T-senpai imitated the Kodama very carefully, so it felt like I was in the world of Princess Mononoke.

It's been a long time since I've climbed a mountain and I'm out of breath. (hee hee hoo)
The weather is strange. . . Prepare your rain gear.

It's raining. It rained hard.
This bench in the photo is said to be the ``love bench.''
Please whisper your honest feelings in my ear. This is Ichikoro.

Our representative quickly peels a pear during a break. Roll the pear between your palms and divide it into 6 equal pieces in about 30 seconds. I'm used to it, as expected. (sparkling)

The rain stopped soon, but my feet were slippery.
I'm hungry. . Kimchi hot pot and beer are waiting for you, another effort. (Yoisho)

Arrived at Kuroyuri Hutte. Good luck! ! Beer is delicious after working up a sweat. Now, let's get ready for the long-awaited kimchi hotpot.

Good work, everyone. A member who can make anything quickly.

Woo, woo, yummy. Drinking goes on. Eat, drink, eat, drink, eat, eat, eat...

A glimpse of her happy face, which is hard to see on weekdays. It's precious. (sparkling)

Yes, it's time for dinner.
Oh no, I feel like my stomach is about to burst.
And it's a hearty hamburger. Okay, let's eat. (mumbling)
Oh, the taste is gentle, and the rice is just the right hardness. Miso soup permeates all over your body.
I was able to eat everything in one go. Thank you for the meal.

And then, the party continues, with everyone making amends.
I don't remember anything we talked about here, but I do remember laughing a lot.

My stomach and heart were so full that they overflowed...I was so happy that I was shaking. Mr. Y, a newly hired candidate who was sleeping next to me, seemed to have calmed down and was whispering cute things in my ear in his sleep.