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what is sputnik?

sputnik = I'm often asked about the meaning of Sputnik, so I'll start with its origin.

Sputnik is the name of the former Soviet Union's artificial satellite that became the first human to fly into space in the late 1950s.

Sputnik 1, launched in October 1957, orbited the Earth for 57 days, and the electronic sounds emitted by the satellite shocked the world as ``Sputnik Shock.'' It was an epoch of calm that led to the space development race between the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1960s.

That mysterious spelling and sound had always been in the back of my mind, but I wonder if it was in a book that I learned the meaning of that word.

The original meaning of the word Sputnik (Спутник) is ``accompanied'' in Russian, but it later came to mean ``traveling companion'' and ``fellow traveler.'' Apparently it was named after the artificial satellite.

I quite like the phrase, ``The journey is your companion, and the world is merciful,'' as a life lesson.

Since I was a child, my parents, who loved mountains, led me to climb mountains and play in rivers, and as I grew older, I continued to travel all over the place, whether it was in the mountains, in the city, at a bar in the middle of nowhere, or on a remote island overseas. I became an adult because I loved what I was doing.

On the contrary, enjoying the outdoors in nature has become his life's work, and even now he is restless and spends half of the year sleeping out, not knowing if he even needs a home.

Finally, he said to his fellow travelers, ``The outdoors is a journey, and life is a journey, so wouldn't it be more fun to work while traveling?'' I started my own work to connect the two.

He lives off of the connections he has made through his travels. I want to continue to enjoy working and playing with these people. From there, I would like to create a new sense of value that is second to none.

Just as Sputnik shocked the entire world and changed the world for the rest of its life.

And, just as Sputnik was the first in the world to achieve eternal freedom, we will also create a free community, create and disseminate innovative values ​​in the outdoor world, and encourage all mountain-related friends in Japan and abroad to travel. I want to connect with you as a companion.

I put that meaning into it.

I hope that I can repay the kindness of those who have helped me in the past through a chain of events created by the compassion of my travels.

Thank you for your cooperation.

sputnik inc.
Representative Hotaka Endo