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Let's go to the mountains!


I'm AYUMI, a part-time woman working in Nagano Prefecture, and I've been working at sputnik for a little over a month.

I just love mountains! ! I moved from Shiga Prefecture six years ago with the dream of becoming a Nagano citizen. The scenery and smells change with the seasons, and you can tell which vegetables and fruits are in season by looking at the fields. It's fun to discover and feel such simple things. I love Nagano Prefecture, which makes me realize that even the things we take for granted are blessings, and I spend my days full of excitement and excitement.

Well, let me introduce you to such an exciting and exciting day!

On this day, we headed to Mt. Tateshina, the northernmost point of the Yatsugatake mountain range.

You can see everything from one end of Mt. Yatsugatake to the other in the morning.

It was a blessed day when Mt. Fuji also appeared.

Departure is at 5:30 in the morning. The temperature is 13 degrees.

When I went outside the house, the moon was still there and the sun had not yet risen.

It's chilly so I can't wait for the sun to come up.

The clouds on this day were fluffy. Is it a scaly cloud? It's autumn.

I finished filling up by eating rice balls in the car.

Today, I went for a trail run with my ski friends.

The starting point is a ski resort.

Even though I love skiing, I never thought the day would come when I would be running up a ski resort.

On the way, I was almost given a rice ball, but I managed to make it to the lift stop!

It's an easy course in winter, but I'm already exhausted...I've only just started...

Ganbarzo! ! !

I run through the mossamous bamboo.

The bamboo grass wet with morning dew is cold.

But it's perfect for a hot body.

We arrived at our first destination, Yakogamine.

I could see Chino City beyond the cute signboard.

That's a good place~

Once you get off the mountain, head to the Mt. Tateshina trailhead.

As much as you go down, you will go up again! This time I will climb higher than that!

Run as hard as you can without hesitation!

It's kind of like a club activity, it's tiring but it's fun~

The leaves in the mountains were beginning to turn red and yellow.

I love the fresh, fresh greenery, but I also love the autumn colors that seem a little sad after summer is over.

The contrasting red color looks like a mountain looking forward to winter.

Arrived at the summit of Mt. Tateshina!

I can't remember how many times I looked back to see Yacchan (Yatsugatake's nickname) in full view all morning. My style is to be moved every time I look back and to be reminded to take a deep breath and take a break. I thought I would be left behind if I didn't call out to them, so I decided to stop everyone.

Ah, I'm so glad I made it to the top of the mountain safely.

Thanks guys.

Although the weather was cloudy, the view of both the Central and Northern Alps from the top was spectacular.

This year, I've been gradually learning the names of mountains, so it's even more fun.

While talking about how I want to go to that mountain next time, it was time to head back home.

We all practiced how to descend safely and without getting tired as we descended.

A completely different view from the climb.

It's beautiful~

Goal safely! ! !

I ran well. Thank you for your help.

My legs are already shaking. But it was fun!

I said goodbye and said I'll see you next time in the snowy mountains, and I went to the person I wanted to meet.

A miso lady at a farm in Haramura that I always stop by on my way home from Yatchan (Yatsugatake).

I love Auntie's smile and miso!

I told my aunt everything that happened today.

It was a day full of happiness as I learned some delicious miso recipes.


Thank you very much.